Monday, September 5, 2011

Wild Trout Day 2

Day 2 of fishing for Central, PA wild browns wasn't quite as productive as day one.  On a stream twice as large as the creek in my previous post, I only managed one 10" brown.  And, despite my best efforts, he came unbuttoned while I fumbled around with my camera.  I probably worked harder for that trout than any other I've ever caught.  Here is a picture of the spot I pulled him from.
I was sitting on my butt in the sub 70 degree water, in order to keep a low profile, as I tossed my bead head hare and copper up into the white stuff.  The fish hit just as the fly entered the smoother portion of the riffle and put up a fight more than worthy of his diminutive stature.
As you can tell from the pictures, the fishing was tough due to low clear water, and the trees made casting any distance almost impossible.  I have my best days on this small stream when the water is up and the wild browns eagerly snatch up small minnow imitations.


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