Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pat Dorsey Yarn Indicator (Bobber) System

I stumbled across Pat Dorsey's (Blue Quill Angler) yarn indicator system while surfing the web and decided to give it a try.  It allows you to create a very mobile indicator that adapts to different size flies and different water conditions very easily.  Yarn rocks as an indicator!
Get yourself some poly yarn, some 5/16" orthodontic rubber bands (ebay), and hemostats.

Start with the hemostats and the rubber band.  Wrap the rubber band around the end of the hemostats about 4 times so that you end up with this.

Then, grab your leader with the hemostats.

And slide the rubber band onto your leader.

Let go with the hemostats.  You are done with them.

Get out your poly yarn, and use some velcro to rough it up a little.  You will have to separate it into single strands before roughing!

Cut off a piece as large as you would like for your indicator.

Put your yarn through the loop in your leader.

Slide the rubber band up close to the yarn to fix the yarn in place.

Grease the crap out of the yarn, and get some fish!


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